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Total supercuties is totally about hot amateur girls getting naked before your very eyes! Fresh from college into the real world of adult entertainment! This is our flagship site and has a very nice collection of girls, with regular updates and a tonne of content!
Karen - topless and artistic nude
Karen is an extremely petite teen who has been exposing herself on the Internet for quite a while now! She has a dedicated following of loyal adorers and devotes her life to making sure she is looking great for her site! Her youthful 18 year old body has grown hotter and sexier with time and in her most recent sets she now goes full nude! Chat to her live on her regular webcam shows and find out all about Karen Dreams!
Amy - nonnude
Amy is an adorable 18 year old blonde girl who one day was dared by a friend to start taking pictures of herself and putting them on the Internet! Shy at first, Amy posed nonnude in front of the camera, but was later dared to go further and you can now find these special topless pictures in her shop!
Abrianna - topless
Abrianna is a 19 year old busty big ass teen with latin roots! Usually her photosets end up with her tits on full show along with a cheeky smile! She is reluctant to show her koochie but recently we have aquired a full nude zipset of her from a photoshoot she did much earlier which is available in her shop!
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Kara is an adorable 18 year old beautiful busty (34dd) brunette teen who is fresh onto the net! She has a very youthful look to her and huge tits for such a small girl! In all her pictures you will see her smiling, this girl next door truly stands out from the others! See all her pictures and home videos at her website today :)
Clara - nonnude
Clara is a young nubile curvy teen with a big smile and a huge ass! After seeing two of her friends model on the net, she decides she can do better - and has joined totalsupercuties as one of the hottest girls there! Her gorgeous emerald green eyes will lure you in, and her soft skin and curvy frame will make you crazy for more - oh and check out the videos!
Jen - nonnude
Jen18 is a the archive of all known pictures of the incredibly petite and shy 18 yr teen known only as Jen. Her sets consist of amazing levels of tease, showing off her great ass and tiny body through the lens of her webcam! See sexy short vids and real webcam pics of this stylish and playful real amateur teen!
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Jenna has always wanted her own site ever since her friend Karen got one! This girl has an amazing body that is total fat free! Her long slim legs and her innocent look set her apart from the rest of the brunettes out there - and her sets and videos have a lot of variety come check out what she has to offer!
Karen and Amy - nonnude
Karen and Amy is what happens when two sexy teens get together for a shy but sexy bonus site! This site contains all the sets and all photos and videos ever taken of these two very contrasting girls together! Amy is blonde and innocent, reluctant to explore her sexuality, whereas Karen is the guiding force that hopes to one day make their lips meet..
Kimmie - full nude and masturbation
Kimmie Cream is the 19 year old delicious teen with a dirty bitter aftertaste! She loves to stuff her pussy with whatever she can find, and really has no shame when she spreads herself in full view of the camera! Her site captures her precious moments on camera and members get to see all her exclusive pictures and videos!
Leia - topless
Leia loves attention - and when she saw how easy it was for her college friend Karen to have her own website to show off and tease all the boys - she wanted the same! Leia is the quiet girl with the bright and vibrant personality who loves to show off and look the best she can - see all her pictures and videos at her personal homepage today!
Misty - topless
Cute blonde from cold Canada, Misty is an art student with big natural tits! She has a curvy body with long legs and a sparkle in her eye that lets you know she can be a bad girl too :) Her site is an archive of her pictures and video that showcase her abilities as an art and fashion student, but rather than posing in the clothes.. she poses with them on the floor :)
Lucy - nonnude
Lucy is an 18yr old curvy teen from the USA who loves attention! Her best friend Karen suggested to Lucy that she did a site to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend saying it would make her feel better by showing him what he can’t have any more - and she did! She has an adorable smile and sparkling eyes that grab attention wherever she goes!
Stacey - nonnude
Stacey is different from the other girls, she is a true girl next door amateur with a very real beauty. She never thought she had what it takes to be a model, but with a little persuasion she teases and plays with the camera in this wholesome nonnude site featuring this everyday 18 year old girl from east coast USA.
Amanda - nonnude
Huge boobs on this 19 year old wholesome brunette teen with big brown eyes. Her full 36dd boobs are just begging to be let out and shown to the world! Her sets are all currently nonnude but she is gaining more and more confidence every day and who knows where her Internet career will take her! See all her pictures and many other girls at Total Super Cuties the showcase for cute teens!
Kaye - nonnude
Kaye was found working as a ring girl at the local fight club. Despite the seedy, dark, and violent place she works - she is a flower of pristine beauty amongst devils! Rescued and offered an alternative she now shoots tasteful pictures ranging from swimsuit and bikini to casual. This is a fine example of a luscious 21 year old honey who is truly a hidden gem of the Internet!
Mish and Jamie - topless
Mish and Jamie is a sister duo site featuring the two lovely girls Mish and Jamie! Mish is the more dominant of the pair and tries to order Jamie around, but Jamie has a wild and fiesty disobediant side >:). Check out their complete picture and video archive!
Anna - full nude and masturbation
Anna is a slender 19 year old girl who comes from the beautiful Skandinavia and has set up her own personal home page showing off her delightful innocent teenage body - and then getting really dirty to make some extra cash! She would love to get to university and by dressing up in sexy outfits and teasing online she is sure she can fulfil her dreams!
Lucia - Nonnude, Handbra
Lucia is an adorable 18yr old brunette from the USA with huge tits and an even bigger smile! She often wears tight tops to show off her shapely jugs, and although she is shy this only furthers the excitement! Truly a girl next door captured and showing as much as she dares!
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Lana is a big boobed brunette with a great girl next door style! Quiet, and a little shy, she shows off her shapely nubile body to the camera and as a result her pictures are all over the Internet! Check out the sweetness that is Lana Brooke at her site today!
Carli - topless
19yr Carli in England poses topless with her friends at Total Super Cuties and sees a new side to herself - a side that loves to show off topless and impress the boys!
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Chloe is a 19 year old British teen that poses nearly nude at Total Super Cuties with her friends! She is an ordinary girl next door with a fiesty and inquisitive attitude and her pictures are always playful!
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Naomi is a 19yr hottie from the UK. She has always wanted to be a model and would love to be featured in magazines or calenders - and is prepared to show off her nicely formed teen tits to get there! Check out all her tasteful pictures at Total Super Cuties
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19 year old Melissa’s big tits and beautiful round ass have earned her a place on Total Super Cuties - where she poses up to handbra and loves to tease :) See her pose in tight panties and sheer bra’s - in this great unique collection of amateur pictures and short video clips.
Alice - Nonnude, Hand-bra
Alice is a beautiful 18year old oriental girl with long dark hair and a very slim figure. Her nubile and delicate body poses tentatively in these amateur pictures. Alice is the first asian addition to Total Super Cuties.
Beatrix - Nonnude, Topless, Full Nude
Beatrix is a beautiful 18 year old girl with an adorable face and european origin. Her pictures totally encapsulate her youthful innocence and charms! See her HUGE smile as she gets topless to reveal her tiny tits!
Britney - Nonnude, Topless, Nearly nude
Britney is that every day girl that you’ve seen on the bus or the train, or queing at a supermarket. When she gets home though, she takes off those jeans and poses for pictures in hot lingerie - and even goes topless!
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Dawn is a bad girl - a bad girl with perfect boobies! She has a bad attitude and it comes accross in her pictures! See her photographed by her friend Karen! Visit KarensBitches for all Karens friends persuaded to strip and pose for fun pics!
Emily - Nonnude, Hand-bra
Emily is an absolute sweetie. The girl next door that would never do something like this ordinarily.. but her friend Karen has persuaded her! See all her shy pictures and all her friends at KarensBitches!
Kathy - Topless
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Lucky - Topless
Last year Lucky had no idea she wanted to be a model - until she met Karen! Now she wants to be famous and as many guys see her topless pictures on the Internet as possible! We can make this 18 year old girls dream come true - see her go topless at KarensBitches!
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Petite brunette Canadian teen Josie poses at her very own website, and now you can see her cute little body totally topless as she dates to bare her breasts!
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